No Copy Paste generates music and visuals in real-time, utilizing live coding,
which emphasises the expressive possibilities afforded by programming languages
as a means for defining and manipulating computational processes.

Make Art 09, December 10-11, Poitiers, France

During this performance scripting were mixed with patching, reality with virtually generated
objects, blank slate live coding with self-modifying Pure Data patches and Scheme scripts.
Borders were blurred between human gestures, code, sound and imagery while the live
programmed audiovisual system was controlled.

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Pure Data, Arduino and Fluxus workshops, Cakovec, Croatia, October 2-3, 2009

We gave workshops on Pure Data, physical computing with Arduino and Fluxus at the ACTFEST festival in Cakovec, Croatia.

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Zagreb, January 13-15, 2009

We gave a perfomance and workshops on PD and Fluxus at the ╬╝Ars festival in Zagreb, Croatia.

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No Copy Paste on Gamepads, June 15, 2008

No Copy Paste with kind permission of Dave Griffiths gave a performance with a
modified version of the Al-Jazari gamepad live coding environment for the first
anniversary of the Kitchen Budapest media lab.

Al-Jazari by Dave Griffiths

Pixelache, March 15, 2008

Documentation of our Pixelache performance in Kiasma Theatre, Helsinki, Finland.
Thanks to the Pixelache organizers.

KIBU, January 26, 2008, excerpt

Kitchen Budapest performance excerpt.

KIBU, January 26, 2008

Excerpt of a No Copy Paste Performance at Kitchen Budapest on January 26, 2008.

Fluxus Live Coding Workshop

Live coding workshop held at Kitchen Budapest in 2007.

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